Thanks, Michelle!!!

You are our winner! Please email us at with your full name and address and we will get your detergent sent off!


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Ruby Moon Giveaway!

We are proud to be a supplier of this fabulous soap! Ruby Moon is generously offering one of our readers a bag of detergent! Not familiar with their products? Check them out!

A family owned Maine business, Ruby Moon is quickly becoming a well known name in the cloth diaper detergent world! Their mission gives you a good indication why!

“Our mission at Ruby Moon is to provide you with an affordable, gentle on the earth and your skin, tough on stains and odor, line of products. All of our products and packaging are made with natural and biodegradable ingredients.We rigorously test our products and would never sell you anything that we wouldn’t use on our own families.”

Enter a comment for a chance to win! Winner will be announced by random selection on April 6.

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Sun it up.

If you are like me, you are watching the snow melt on your garden with baited breath. Reliving the days of warm balmy weekends in your mind, knowing that in the not tooooooo distant future, summer is waiting beneath the surface. If you are like me, you have already dug out the summer clothes and preemptively sorted them into piles that fit and piles that are to be saved for the next little girl. (A life with three little girls means clothing in constant rotation. If it doesn’t fit now, it’ll fit eventually. Just wait.) I’ve discovered that I have, if nothing else, taught my daughters that summer in Maine is like waiting for beach trips. It’ll get here. And when it does, it’s short lived and gosh darn it, GOLDEN.

at our yearly country fair… which occasionally is a sweet summer day, but more often we are dressed from head to foot in foul weather gear!

This being said, my girls are of the fair and gentle skin variety. Born of parents of British origin, all but my oldest (who miraculously has the suntanned skin of other members of our tribe!). My children are the ones who in the garden (AND BEACH) don their huge brimmed sunhat and enough sunscreen to drown a gnome. We have our vitamin D days, of course, where they run around totally naked and soaking in the summer’s delicious warmth and rays… but…

Searching for the right sunscreen to slather on these fair skinned beauties of mine… well. In my years thus far as a mother, I have discovered that anything I put on their skin eventually makes it’s way in. Through the traditional fashion (via mouth) or through absorption, skin care needs to be non-toxic, through and through. In a common grocery store search (or drug store, or Target, or wherever you purchase your skin care) you are hard pressed to find a product that fits the bill. Most commercial sunscreens are laden with chemicals that not only are harmful to your child’s (and yours!) constitution, but also have the ability to alter hormonal levels, create the need to reapply more frequently so that you have to purchase more, and to create intense allergic reactions.

I’ve definitely tried a number over the years, and what I have found is this: Read the label. If you don’t know right away what an ingredient is, it’s probably not something you want in or on your (or your child’s) body. (This is how we grocery shop too!) Go for a short list. Concise, to the point, clean. This is my sunscreen criteria, and it seems to cause the least amount of friction in our sensitive skin universe. There are a couple brands that are old standbys… But first and foremost, we have Episencials Sunny Sunscreen.

This sunscreen is gentle, but effective. Smells good, feels good, and is CLEAN. It’s SPF 35,  meaning, yes, you do have to reapply if you sweat, swim, or get blasted with a garden hose.  It’s unscented, which is a highly sought after attribute in our neck of the woods, being exceptionally sensitive to scents. This sunscreen is gentle enough for a babe, but strong enough for a nine year old who tackles life like it’s got horns.


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Are you a Local?


Are you a local? Yes, yes, we are all local. To one place or another. But what I’m talking is local to the mid-coast of Maine where Diaper Jungle holds it’s residence. Among the shady pines listening to the ocean breeze (although currently buried under about four feet of snow…) we call this lovely place home. And it absolutely is lovely.

IF you happen to be local (as in, IN the state), give us a shout when you are next driving up the coast and we would love to package your order to go! Free of shipping charges! Doesn’t that sound worth the trip?!


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Learning the hard way

There’s a learning curve to this mama-ing thing.

It’s been almost nine years since my first little one was born, and in the time since it’s been nothing but a journey. Your first child is the test run- honestly and truly. By number three it’s old hat, but there are still bumps, potholes and wipe outs along the way. Probably it is safe to say that we never really hit expert credentials. It’s interesting to think how in life there are many many jobs that are learned and perfected. Being a mama is a constantly changing, constantly moving, constantly constant endeavor.

In the first year of my daughter’s life, eight/nine years ago, I learned many things. I had just graduated from college, moved back east from LA, gotten married, turned 23… And here she was. They simply handed her to me and wished me luck. My brand new husband and I stared at her in wonder. Who was this little handful? And she was going to be the life lesson neither of us had ever counted on. Her little eyes and tuft of black hair was our very own undoing. She taught us about baby fevers, teething, cloth diaper washing/using/experiencing, co-sleeping, intuitive parenting, attachment parenting, breastfeeding… You name it. At 23 I looked at this little creature with a mix of awe and amazement. She hurdled me out of my own childhood and into hers with a grace of an atom bomb.


Nine years later, she is still teaching me lesson after lesson. But I count my blessings with her. She is amazing with her sisters (I’ve had two more daughters since!). She is a best friend, mentor, idol, teacher, baby sitter, and more to the two little ones who follow her around with love in their eyes. I look at her and see all that I’ve learned along the way. Not only with learning how to be a mother, but with learning about MYSELF as a mother. These little girls teach me every day… what they need me to know on a practical note, but also what is flat out essential to living. They are wiser then I’ve ever been.

The most essential thing I’ve learned thus far about being a parent is to trust myself. That little voice that hounds away at you at three am? Yes. That one. The one that takes one look at your child and knows when they have a fever, when they have to use the bathroom, the source of the tantrum being currently thrown. I fear for the years ahead. Parenting teenagers will likely turn every hair on my head a distinct shade of white, just like it did for my own mother. Diapering and spit up, sure, got it. Maybe.


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15% OFF Storewide

black friday cloth diaper salesWe’re celebrating Black Friday thru Cyber Monday here at the Diaper Jungle!  Forget fighting traffic and crowds this Black Friday, stay home and shop cloth diaper sales on your favorite diapering brands: GroVia, Fuzzi Bunz, bumGenius, Kissaluvs, OsoCozy.  Don’t forget about the award winning Ergo Baby Carrier!  We also have FREE Shipping on all orders $99 or more within the Contiguous U.S. States!  Did I also mention our great cloth diaper detergent chart?  Find your favorite cloth diaper safe (and unsafe) detergents on our chart.  Relax, grab a tea or coffee and shop our sale today!

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Economically savvy… bums

Somewhere (not so far away) there is a leak… a leak that needs fixing once and for all. A heavy wetter, or a nighttime soaker. A parent (possibly crying out, “serenity now!”) that just needs reassurance. Or more time to do things with her children, rather than stuff diapers. To that parent I say, “your time has come.”

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you’re not only a cloth diaperer, but you are eco-conscious. You want your money to go far, and you care about the environment. It just makes sense to take advantage of this absolutely stellar deal going on right now at Diaper Jungle… you can be eco-savvy and save.

Designed to fit bums from small to large, Econobum covers:

  • fit over prefolds of any size
  • snap up or down to the size that best fits your baby’s shape (8-35 lbs)
  • have form-fitting, long-lasting elastic in the leg area to snugly keep moisture in
  • have one row of adjustable snaps along the top for baby’s growing waist
  • are made from the same reliable and resilient materials as Bumgenius and Flip
  • wash and dry super fast

Incidentally, I am a second time cloth diaperer… And with two very busy boys and a mound of laundry to tackle each day, it’s hard to find the time to wash, dry and stuff a heap of diapers. For the past week, I have been diapering my littlest one in nothing but prefolds and a cover during the day, and a fitted with cover at night. All I can say is… it took me two minutes to put them away. TWO. I timed it. Go ahead, laugh. I did. (I actually squealed with pure delight.) It takes roughly 30 minutes to an hour to dry a cover. Time is a precious thing to a mother, and saving time on chores thrills me to no end. Plus, I have had zero leaks. Once I even pushed the envelope and went on an extended errand, leaving a little bum in his diaper a bit too long (don’t judge, we have all been or will be there!) and he didn’t have a single leak.

If you find yourself diapering more than one little bottom each day, the Econobum diaper cover is perhaps the answer to your prayers! With just a clean wipe down and a few simple snaps, it can go from newborn to toddler. This is an excellent cohort for your travel diaper bag, too, since it takes up practically no room whatsoever.

Here’s the awesome economical deal… While supplies last, you can now purchase:

  • 2 Econobum covers for only $12 (you save 29%)
  • 3 Econobum trial packs - a total of 9 Econobum prefolds and 3 covers – for only $30 (you save 17%)

Go ahead, take the plunge. It’s not going to set you back by much, I can tell you that! What a deal. Now you’ll have time to take that 15 minute autumn walk. And you’re welcome.

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July 4th Diaper Savings! 10% OFF!

We're celebrating July 4th at Diaper Jungle with

10% OFF any item in our 'Cloth Diapers' category! 

Use coupon code: july4 . 

Offer expires July 7, 2013.  Does not apply to any other category or package deal.  Save on all your cloth diapers and diapering accessories this holiday. 

Enjoy time with your family this fourth of July!

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bumGenius Diaper Washing Instructions

You get your new bumGenius cloth diapers home and are ready to prep!  We will    explaibumGenius one-size snap closure diapern the step-by-step washing and care of your bumGenius diapers.

It is important to prep your diapers before use.  They will not work properly and will not absorb without this step.  The first time you wash your bumGenius diapers, put your washing machine temperature to hot (120 degrees F / 60 degrees C).  For top loaders add 1/2 the recommended manufacturer’s detergent, for front loaders add 1/4 manufacturer’s recommended amount.  Run diapers thru two rinse cycles after the hot wash.  You should wash and dry diapers at least twice before use.  Hang dry diapers or tumble dry on medium heat.  To increase the longevity of your bumGenius diapers, it is recommended to air-dry.  This is especially important if you have bumGenius aplix closures.

Once the diapers are being used on a regular basis, wash every other day or the beginning of every third day.  Remove solids with a bumGenius diaper sprayer before placing diaper into the diaper pail.  Do not soak your bumGenius cloth diapers!  We recommend using the dry pail method.  This can cause “stinkies” to build-up on the material.  Rinse diapers on cold to remove any additional solid material before doing the hot wash.  Follow the above hot wash and double-rinse routine, as indicated above for your normal diaper wash routine.

Use additive-free detergent. No perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes or other fabric enhancers.

Remember to keep it simple!  This is the best recommendation to prevent any issues with your diapers down the road.  Follow the simple washing instructions and use a cloth diaper safe detergent to prevent any detergent build-up.  Now you are ready to wash and care for your new bumGenius diapers!



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Clean up your act!

Way back when I wasn’t washing cloth diapers, I was shopping for over-the-counter detergents. You know, the kind with all the flowery smells… and yes, guilty… I added liquid fabric softener to every load. Completely unaware of the fact that I was washing with petroleum and various other hidden chemicals, I plodded on, until the day came when I decided I’d be cloth diapering our soon-to-be newborn babe. (LIGHTBULB!) It didn’t take much research to discover a much safer and eco-friendly route.

Before my green, petroleum-free lightbulb moment, I’d initially thought, “I’ll just do a load of diapers in cloth diaper friendly soap, and the rest of our laundry in regular detergent,” but after a little more research, I realized the tub would just be filling up with scummy stuff, and I’d be adding more work (stripping) for myself later on. Not to mention, when mainstream detergents list “fragrance” as one of their ingredients, they are not required by law to elaborate on what’s lurking behind said “fragrance.” Basically, a chemical bath could be masked by the scent of lavender meadows. Many detergents also contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can trigger breathing problems and headaches. These are the very chemicals that are now being eliminated in certain latex household paints.

So after deciding to bathe ALL of our laundry in eco-friendly goodness, I scanned the list of safe detergents. And it all comes down to this: What works best for you. We all have different water types. If you’re curious, grab a test strip for free and take a peek at this list to see what receives the best ratings for cloth diapering families. Diaper Jungle carries many of the leading diaper friendly detergents, which are really difficult to find even in natural food stores.

But I LIKE the smell of fresh laundry! I completely understand, and there’s no need to depart from it. Have you gotten a whiff of Ruby Moon’s Sweet Clementine? Or Rockin Green’s Smashing Watermelons? Opening those bags is like stepping into your own private oasis. And it only takes one or two tiny, sweet smelling tablespoons to do a load.

So how do I get my clothes soft, and eliminate static? You have options. Mountain Green Ultra Baby dryer sheets are plant-derived and are formulated specifically for baby’s delicate skin. These also break down naturally, so you can throw them in your compost pile, or rest assured knowing that you’re still doing your part for the planet. If you’re not a dryer sheet fan, how about a cluster of wool dryer balls? Toss these babies in with your clothes, and not only will they beat the stiffness out, but the 100% wool they’re made from actually helps reduce static and drying time. The more you toss in, the less time is needed to dry.

How do I troubleshoot special laundering issues in a more gentle manner? This helpful glossary is a great link. Seriously, bookmark it for when troubles strike. (The miracle drops from grapefruit seed extract? Definitely good to know!)

One thing to keep in mind before doing your first 100% earth friendly wash… Don’t forget to clean the grime out of that tub. Buildup from more aggressive detergents can cling to the insides of your washer, and adhere to clothing or diapers, causing rashes and/or blocking absorbency. It’s important to keep the tub free of sticky or slimy residue. Over time you’ll need to strip your diapers after buildup from natural oils, and when suds accumulate, although this won’t occur nearly as much as if you were still using an industry leading detergent.

So… what do you say? Are you excited to begin a new adventure? Check this out. If you spend $125+ in the cloth diapers or package deals category, you’ll earn a FREE bag of detergent. Plus, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99, and include bonus points with any purchase ($5 for every $100 spent). What will be your winning combination?

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