Cloth Diaper Sewing Businesses

If your business is sewing and selling your own brand of cloth diapers you are in luck! On this page you will find information on all aspects of running this special type of business.

Sewing Instructions and Tutorials:

Fitted Diapers & Pocket Diaper Patterns - FREE - Tutorials on making your own fitted diaper or pocket diaper, including fabric information and pictures.

Diaper Sewing N More Tutorials  -   Here you'll find a list of 'tutorials' below that will walk you, step by step with pictures and directions through the process of making diapers, covers, and various other related items! - Yes, you can sew your own cloth diapers and covers. All you need is a sewing machine and a little creativity. 

FREE Wool Soaker Tutorial - Now you can create cute recycled wool soakers or knit your own!

Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Wipes 

DiaperKit - Complete kits for you to sew and resell.

Cottage Industry Diaper Pattern Licenses for Sale:

Very Baby - Licenses to sew and sell 4 different Very baby patterns.

Baby By You -  Licenses to sew and sell HoneyBoy!, Cuddlebuns, and Poochies diapers.

Keester Kovers - Licenses to sew and sell Keester Kover diapers.

Diaper Sewing Supply Stores:

Diaper Sewing Supplies


Malden Mills Online  - Buy Malden Mills Fleece


Places to Buy Snaps and Snap Presses:

The Snap Store

Snap Happy

Make it Snappy



Places to buy Hook & Loop (Velcro):




Many cloth diaper fabric stores also carry these items!


Places to buy Thread:



Woolly Nylon

YLI Embroidery Threads

Madeira Embroidery Thread


Places to Buy Labels or Tags for Your Diapers:

Luscious Labels

Custom Woven Clothing Labels - Custom labels for your diapers


Fabric and Supply Co-ops:

ComfyCreations - Items purchased varies from month to month, but generally this group co-ops supplies for cloth diapers and pajamas. Here you'll find co-ops for prefold diapers, PUL, cotton printed knits, ribknits, Jiffy grip, sherpa, velour, patterns and various notions.

Diaperfabricscoop - Items purchased varies from month to month, but generally this group co-ops Malden Mills fleece, PUL, suedecloth, elastic, aplix, scissors, rotary cutters, mats and various other notions.

Sewingsupplycoop - When it comes to fabric, you can probably get it here. Common co-ops are for fold over elastic, PUL, lastin, fleece, flannel, sherpa, velour, jerseys, interlocks, knits, wovens, snaps, thread, and various other notions.

TheJoyofSewing - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, Huntington Mills fleece, Denim and Jersey prints, terry, panne, ribknits, flannels, Chamoise, Burts Bees products, patterns, Dharma dyes, Jiffy grip, and various other notions.

ThreadandMore - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, 100% polyester thread, Burley Knit Terry, and various other notions and supplies.

Check out our Directory for more co-ops!

Embroidery Design Links: - Some FREE

AnntheGran - Some FREE

Thread Sketches

Smart Needle

Free Embroidery Stuff


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Dharma Trading  - Buy blanks to dye and get the ever popular Dharma dyes to dye your diapers every color imaginable.

American Sewing Guild - Join and get many member benefits including a Joann's Fabric Discount Card

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Diaper Jungle

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