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Clean and Organize your Home with a Small Baby

Most moms and dads sigh with despair at the mention of the word cleaning. The battle between you and the kids about cleanliness is never ending. The first step is to adjust and know that your kids' happiness comes first. There are a few tips that could help you maintain a clean house without going crazy. Let us have a look.

Schedule Clean Up

With babies in the house, a schedule is inevitable. You need to schedule everything including cleaning. Scheduling a clean-up means doing a task at a designated time. It means putting away the toys after playtime, folding laundry and during naptime, and vacuuming the carpets before wake-up time.

You might look at a mess and feel uncomfortable, but there is nothing you can do about it. Keeping a schedule will get things done without too much strain. At first, the schedule might seem unrealistic, but with time, things will start flowing smoothly.

Wake up before your Children

This is the best time to clean up before the little ones wake up. If you wake up two hours before your kids' wake-up time, you will have time to clean and organize the house, make breakfast, fold and iron, and also catch up on some laundry.

When everything is set before the kids wake up, you will have ample time to bond with your kids and play before the mess starts all over again. Waking up early also gives a mom some peace of mind while doing the chores.

Always Use Non-Toxic Products since they are safe for your Kids and Pets

Safety is a key in a house full of babies and toddlers. It is important to use non-toxic cleaners for floors, tops, windows, and general housekeeping. A steam cleaning machine is both safe and effective. Invest in a top-rated steam cleaning machine for your upholstery, carpets, and curtains.

This machine will remove dust and eradicate dust mites. There are safe hardwood floor cleaners and tile cleaners in most stores. Pick these safe products to keep your pets and kids safe from harsh chemicals. Alternatively, you can use home remedies to remove bathroom stains like vinegar.

Find a Way for your Little Ones to Help

A child needs to be taught how to be responsible at a young age. You can start by asking the kids to arrange their toys, put their clothes in the laundry basket and tidy their rooms. With time you can teach them how to make their beds and how to do dishes.

The teaching experience requires patience and persistence. You can start by doing the chore together until they have mastered them to accomplish them on their own. Watch them do it on their own and correct them when they mess up.

Make it Fun

Getting a toddler's attention is an uphill task. The little fellas are always on the move to the next escapade. Making the chores fun is your only way of getting these little people to cooperate.

This can be achieved by turning up some music, using small kids cleaning items, competing on who completes a task fast, or who does it best. You can also reward the good work and correct the poor work. At work, adults require motivation to up their game; kids require the same motivation to do chores.

Be Flexible

Do not be the perfect mom or dad who cleans on time, gets time to socialize, and still have time with the kids. You are allowed to be imperfect. You are allowed to postpone on the less important stuff and catch-up later.

The house does not have to be cleaned before breakfast. It can be cleaned afterward or during nap time. Being flexible will help you remain sane and enjoy life as a mom. Remember, you are not in a competition. Do your things when you are able and not because it is time.

Parenthood is one of the most amazing gifts this life has to offer. Kids grow up and leave you to do all the cleaning in the world. As a parent, it is important to make these little people a priority. One day, your house will feel empty, and you will miss all the screaming and the mess. So dear parents, enjoy it while it lasts.


Written By: Alyssa Winters, guest blogger from http://topreveal.com

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