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Isn’t it miraculous that, with a plug and flip of a switch, we can vacuum a dirty rug? Or when we’re hungry for a warm meal we simply open a cold refrigerator, mix a few ingredients together and bake in a preheated oven? Modern convenience sure does make a mom’s life easy.

So besides my vacuum and kitchen appliances, I gotta give a huge shout out to my silent partner in crime. Always dependable, and by golly, I don’t know where I’d be without him. I’m of course talking about my diaper sprayer, Dagwood. What, you don’t name your appliances? Well, Dagwood and I are well-acquainted, so naturally he has a name. If Dagwood didn’t do his dirty job, it’d be a lot dirtier for the rest of us.

When I joined the millions of cloth diapering parents in the crusade for naturally swaddled bums, I’ll admit, I felt overwhelmed. Trying to understand different kinds of diapers and nervous about how I’d undertake the task (looking back I have to chuckle… the task that turned into an obsession, heehee!), I next learned about the diaper sprayer.

I was told I wouldn’t need Dagwood till my Sprout was eating solids, and producing less “runny” output. “What? Wait. The output changes form? Eeeeeeewwwww,” I said. (Though nowadays, talking about baby and kid poo is like scratching a bug bite, it just happens.) “Yeah, you just spray it all out into the toilet.” I put that thought on the back burner. 

So I was a little leery of inviting another appliance into the house. Not one for gimmicks, I prefer to keep it simple.

But oh. Oh, it was simple. Standing over the toilet with the diaper in one hand, all I had to do with the other hand was turn the nozzle on, pick Dagwood up from the toilet tank hook, and… spray. THAT’S IT. Of course, I quickly realized it’s also good to have a pail liner hanging near the commode so saturated diapers have somewhere to chill while awaiting the wash. After that, I was skating on clouds.

And you know what else Dagwood excels in? He not only sprays out countless messy messes, but he also helps me with the training potty. A few quick sprays and it’s clean again! Of course, we do disinfect it at the end of the day, but after each subsequent visit, Dagwood preps it for the next go. He is AWESOME!

I then realized that my daycare provider was probably suffering through continuous dunks and flushes (not to mention, using up more resources), so I got her one, too!

I have to laugh when I think of how it might have been when the first handful of houses began using vacuums. Perhaps they didn’t think they could ever go back to shaking their rugs out and using a broom. Perhaps many cloth diapering parents feel this same way after their first brush with a diaper sprayer. Perhaps somewhere out there, someone is giving their sprayer a proper name after carefully—no, lovingly—hanging that nozzle back on the toilet tank with a satisfied sigh.

Are you ready to welcome a new fuzzy bum into your house? Don’t forget your new bathroom appliance, as well. Trust me, when you reach for that nozzle, you will be a super hero.

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