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I know that we are in the age of disposable baby things, including diapers, but I still recommend having cloth diapers for several reasons.

The benefits

  1. They’re definitely safe for our babies. Unlike disposable diapers that are made of plastic and other unfamiliar materials, cloth diapers are made of organic ones that do not contain any harmful chemical for our babies.

The materials that compose cloth diapers are usually wool and polyurethane laminate. The disposable ones, on the other hand, include sodium polyacrylate that’s found in the absorbent gel, chlorine, and fragrance.

The former is said to have harmful effect on our babies, especially boys as it causes sperm count decrease (yikes!). The other two are known to cause rashes and other skin irritations.

  1. They’re economical. Cloth diapers may be expensive at first, but in the long run, you can actually save more money with them since you may reuse each of them for as long as you want.
  2. They’re safe for the environment. Because you can reuse cloth diapers, it means they won’t occupy landfills as fast as disposable ones will. Also, cloth diapers, as mentioned earlier, are made of organic materials; hence the decomposition is faster than plastic disposable ones.

The drawback

However, problem comes when we start talking about washing them. We all know we, moms, don’t have all the time in the world, so it is not uncommon for us to set washing them aside for a couple of hours or days until we finally have the luxury of cleaning them clothes.

Sometimes, we have to wait until we have enough laundry to load into the laundry machine so as not to waste detergent and water.

The thing is, when these cloth diapers are not washed right away, the smell and the stain from our babies’ stool stick a bit longer than we want. Making the cleaning a bit challenging.

So what I do, after removing the all the visible dirt, I soak it in water first until I’m ready to put them in the washer. I also make sure I don’t soak it for too long because they may accumulate more unwanted dirt. Then, I follow the rest of these steps:


Written by Guest Blogger: Sarah Morgan from Well Being kid.  Bio: A sister, a daughter, a wife, but most especially a mother. Being a mother makes me realize that life is a great adventure. No day is always the same, which makes every day so much more exciting.