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I never realized how wonderful prefold diapers were until I had tried all the other styles of cloth diapers on the market.  I was intimidated, indeed, by the rectangular shaped, “what do you do with this?” style diaper. 

I tried All-in-One’s, Pocket Diapers, Fitted Diapers, Wool Cover, PUL Covers, Hybrids and then finally tried the good ole’ stand-by – The Prefold Diaper!  I discovered what satisfaction there was washing and caring for these diapers over their more complicated “cousins”.

They are easy to wash & dry, because they can take a high temperature without harming the fabric.  I speed up the drying process, when using the dryer with Loo-Hoo dryer balls. While other diaper styles are great for other reasons, I love that prefolds are so simple and useful in more ways than just diapering!  They seem intimidating at first, until you see how easy they are to fold

They wash up easy and they last a VERY long time.  No strings attached.  I didn’t need snaps or Velcro anymore (other than covers)!  Another great aspect is that they are very inexpensive.  Diapering on a dime.   I also love that I can use them in multiple situations: inserts, diaper, changing pad, burp rag, painting with my toddler, cleaning up spills from the kitchen, dish rags, breast pads, face cloths, cleaning and so much more!  Simple is sometimes better.