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Most Favorite Star Wars Characters of Kids


Does your child simply love the amazing characters from the galaxy far, far away? Well, you must have already understood what I am talking about! Right? Yes, It’s nothing but Star Wars!! If your kid is a Star Wars fan then undoubtedly, he or she would certainly have one favorite character. Right? Although in the whole world of such astounding characters, it’s quite tough for them to choose just one. Still, despite thousands of such characters, most of the kids settle on one or a few of the core cast.

 However, after undergoing a thorough research on such best favorites of kids, here, I came up with a comprehensive list of the same.

So, want to know which are the most buzzing Star Wars characters among kids? Then, read ahead!

  • Jawa:

Jawa average height is just below 39” height and draped in dark cloaks. There faces obscured and they mutter unintelligible menaces. The Jawas are no less than the hoodies of Tatoonie. Their distinct charm beneath all the vandalistic Argy Bargy apart from the Dagenham counterparts is something that the kids have really loved over the time.


  • Ezra Bridger:

Well, Ezra is an amazing character of course! And, it’s not at all a surprising fact that the kids just love him. It has been noticed that though Leia has been pretty awesome, and Rey is a more or less a favorite character of all kids from The Force Awakens when it comes to Ghost Crew then Ezra is the most favorite among kids!


  • Poe Dameron:

 No doubt, Poe Dameron has been the best pilot in the galaxy. He is ruggedly handsome, not afraid to crack jokes when fighting for his life, and has that underlying hint of Han Solo soul about him. But, Poe Dameron is definitely his very own Star Wars hero who is committed to the cause of the resistance and which is an encouraging mentor to defecting Stormtrooper Finn. Moreover, it’s because of his striking attributes, kids just love him!


  • Jar Jar Binks:

Well, I am still not much sure why kids love this character so much? Because, I, personally won’t count him as one of my favorites. It definitely came up as a shock when I noticed it as a Star Wars favorite of kids. But, the fact is being amazingly true that the children really love it a lot!


  • Jaxxon:

Well, to come up with an idea of this Star Wars character being the kids favorite, I didn’t have to do an abundant research. Rather, as I began reading the original Marvel comics run to my kids at bedtime, I realized the fact. It’s because my kids used to rejoice while hearing the same. During the first seven issues of my read-through, my kids used to remain too much excited which made me feel how popular Jaxxon is among the kids!


Winding Up:

So, I hope you’ve got an idea now about the favorite kid's characters of Star Wars. Then, what are you waiting for? Just get accustomed to them while letting your kids watch them and experiencing all the fun!


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