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Review:  Verizon LG GizmoGadget



Review:  Verizon LG GizmoGadget

$149 purchase price, $5 a month service

By Liz Marks, Diaper Jungle Expert Adviser

 4 out of 5 Stars

As parents, we want to balance our kids needs and wants with reality. My 8-year-old daughter has been pestering me about getting a cell phone. I asked her who are you going to call? Her answer was you, Daddy, my cousins and friends of course. Normally I wouldn’t even entertain this but an incident at a ski resort this past winter changed my mind. It was a girl’s day skiing trip with my best friend Mary and her daughter Zoe. It was lunch time and luckily we found a table just 10’ away from the burger shack. As our order came up, my friend Mary came over to help with the 2 trays full of food and drinks. When we turned around both girls are gone. 10 feet away and 5 seconds of not watching them and they both disappeared that fast. We immediately went into a panic. Mary puts down the tray, gets her cellphone out and calls her daughter. Zoe pops her head up just a few feet away, talking into what looks like wrist watch. Turns out the girls were bending down behind another table to pet a puppy.

Zoe had a wearable phone from Verizon called the GizmoGadget. The great little device looks like an ordinary watch but was made with younger kids in mind. The GizmoGadget can be customized with different looks to suit your child. Of course, my daughter Savannah chose the Princess theme. It can make calls, send voice text, send 10 selectable phases to send as texts and receive texts. Kids will love the ability to send emojis. A great feature is the auto answer when you call after so many rings. There are only 2 buttons on the GizmoGadget so it is very easy to use. It also a very basic fitness tracker when enabled.

Parents have complete control over the GizmoGadget through the GizmoHub App.  From the GizmoHub you can assign up to 10 people who can call or text your child. As the primary parent the GizmoHub records all texts sent by everyone, for you to review. You can also instantly track your child’s whereabouts on a map in real time, text or call.  


  • Easy to Use
  • GPS tracking
  • Auto pickup
  • Texting
  • Great for Theme parks, Fairs or any crowded venue
  • Reasonable $5 a month


  • $149 purchase price is a little steep
  • Could be thinner
  • Texts from child is limited to 9 phases
  • Only water resistant (LG doesn’t recommend using it around water)

Conclusion: GizmoGadget is a great first phone for kids 6-12. Any younger and it might get lost or its too bulky to wear. It has great features and provides vital tracking information. My only complaint about the GizmoGadget is the thickness might be too bulky for some little arms. Ideally it should be just a little thinner than the Apple Watch.

Vital Tip: If someone on the approved caller list initiates a call to your child, ONLY the initiator can hang up, not the child. We took our first GizmoGadget back to Verizon thinking it was a defect. Turns out Verizon doesn’t know about this feature either.


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