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Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Ah, the centerpiece the main focal point of the table. If men had baby showers, their centerpiece might consist of a six-pack or a bag of chips. Oh, not so for the women. We want something pretty! We want something appropriate. We want a centerpiece that will make your guest comment on how wonderful it is.

I would recommend staying away from open flames. Whenever you get a group of people together, and bearing gifts no doubt, it's just not a good idea to center your table on something that could potentially start a fire.

However, if you had your heart set on pretty little candles, then stick with floating candles. Take a pretty, deep bowl and fill it with water. Then use the candles that float in the water. You can often find flower shapes, or you may be able to find some candles in the shape of baby rattles. Check your favorite party supply store.

A fresh bouquet of flowers always works well as a centerpiece. You can arrange one using flowers from your own garden, or you could purchase a bouquet of pink or blue carnations. Purple, green and yellow work well if the baby's gender is unknown.

Another suggestion is to use little Mylar balloons nestled in a large vase, surrounded by tissue paper. That makes a fun, adorable centerpiece, too.

If you are feeling creative, you can make large poppy style flowers from tissue paper. Chose colors to match the theme of your shower or of the baby's nursery.

If you're really crafty you can make votives roses. Supplies needed include long plastic balloon sticks plus the plastic balloon cap (as affixed at the ends of mylar balloons), tulle squares, green floral tape, ribbon, silk leaves and a hot glue gun.

1. Assemble the balloon cap to the stick.
2. Glue the bottom of the votive to the balloon cap with the hot glue gun.
3. Wrap the votive with the tulle square.
4. Starting from the base of the votive, begin wrapping the balloon stick with green floral tape, adding a few leaves on your way down the stick.
5. Finish it with a ribbon bow.
6. Repeat until you have a nice bouquet of votive roses.

Or bake some sugar cookies with skinny dowels in them. Decorate the cookies and put them all into a vase. You'll have a memorable, edible cookie bouquet.

Still want a different idea for a centerpiece? Ok, you'll love this one open up a disposable diaper and fill it will potpourri. That one is sure to get noticed.

Your centerpiece design is limited only by your imagination. Be creative and have fun.

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