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Baby Shower Decoration Tips and Ideas

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I've never met a shower hostess who didn't run around like a crazy woman cleaning her house before the guests arrived. Sure, there are those whose house always looks meticulous, but many houses get the deep clean only when company arrives. The first step for any baby shower is to make sure the house is clean and inviting so that everyone can relax ... especially you!


The house is clean, that's a given; but the real Piece de Resistance is when the guests walk in and rave about how adorable the decorations look. You have done well, my friend. It is time to party!

Ah the pressure, the pressure. Relax, decorating for a shower doesn't need to be a big deal. If you know the baby's gender, then blue or pink will be the color du jour. If you don't know, then pretty pastels work well too. Yellow or pale green are neutral colors that work for any baby.


Take a trip to your favorite party supply store and you'll have no problem coming up with decorations. Crepe paper, balloons, and cardboard cut-outs abound in these types of stores. You can never go wrong with streamers and balloons. You don't even need to tape balloons to anything just merely have them spread across the floor for a festive look.

Deciding on a particular theme will also make decorating easy just follow suit. If the theme is simply baby, then you have many choices. You can make or buy banners to hang inside or outside. Hang balloons from the mailbox to make it easier for guests to find the party place.

Don't forget party plates, napkins, and cups. Cake tastes so much better on cute little baby themed plates rather than on your fine china or paper plates, don't you agree? While you're at it, don't forget a table cloth. Not only does it tie the whole look together, but it makes for easy clean up.

You may want to decorate a "throne" for mom. Take your biggest, most comfortable chair (but one that she can get out of relatively easily) and decorate it with streamers and balloons. For an added touch, give her a crown to wear.

You want your guests to walk into a beautifully decorated room, but more importantly they will be walking into a room full of love and cheerfulness.

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