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Baby Shower Favor Suggestions

Remember going to birthday parties as a little kid? You always came home with a goodie bag. Sometimes it would contain candy or bubbles or a pinwheel. It was so fun to go to a party for someone else's birthday and come up with a little present for yourself.

Bring a present get a present. We still get to do that as grown-ups only now we call them "favors." It sounds much more dignified, don't you agree?

It's a nice gesture to have something that your guests can take home with them after the festivities are finished. If your shower will be like most, you'll probably play some silly games. No game would be complete without prizes or favors.

But no one likes to leave empty handed. You should have some small favors for everyone to take home, whether or not they've won a game. How about a little tin candle with a custom label that reads "Your friendship lights my day. Thanks for being part of my special day"?

Almost everyone likes chocolate. Little boxes of chocolate that read, "You're so sweet. Thanks for coming to my baby shower." Or a little package of nuts wrapped in tulle, "You're nuts. But that's why we're friends thank you for coming to my shower."

Lotion is always a good little favor for women. Be careful not to get something too fragrant as some people are bothered by strong scents. The truth is that it doesn't really matter what you offer as a favor. It's a small token of your appreciation for the time your friends devoted to celebrate your baby.

I will say this, your favor should be something they can use. Even if it is just a small bud vase with dried flowers from your garden. When deciding what you'll have for little favors, try to think, "What is not going to end up in the trash as soon as they leave?"

Perhaps you could give your guests a small gift booklet and inscribe something sweet on the inside cover: "I appreciate your wisdom and support of my new baby," or "Thanks for all the times I've cried on your shoulder, I appreciate you." Or if you don't feel very sentimental, how about simply: "Thanks for coming to my baby shower. June 1, 200x"

Baby shower favors don't have to be anything fancy, just something to show your appreciation.

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