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Baby Shower Invitations

For a mommy-to-be, her own baby shower is like being made princess for a day!

New moms, especially first time moms, want everything to be just right. Everything about baby should be well coordinated and matching. Wait until you have two or three kids and then see how you feel. Just kidding mostly.

One fun part of having a baby is registering for gifts. Some stores will give mom a laser 'gun' and tell her to scan anything and everything she wants. How fun is that? "I want one of these and one of these and oh, I should have one of these"

Also, about the time she is deciding which baby wipe warmer she would like to have, she passes the stationery department. Oooooooh, look at the adorable wrapping paper and little bows, and how cute are these little shower invitations!

"Oh my goodness I haven't even considered shower invitations!" laments mom. Relax, generally the shower hostess will take care of those little details. That is, unless mom wants to be in on all the details.

Shower invitations are nothing more than information to tell the when and where details of the baby shower. If all the guests have online access, it's not unheard of to use evites electronic invitations; it saves on postage. But some people think that is tacky. It's a personal preference.

All the guests who are invited will already know that there is an impending birth, so that won't be news. They really just need to know what time and where to show up with a gift. Make sure to include a map or directions to the location not everyone will be familiar with the party place.

It's also a good idea to include the name(s) of the stores where the mommy-to-be is registered. If mom has selected a particular theme (Pooh, fish, fire trucks, etc.) you may want to include that info in the invitation. You may choose to use invitations with the theme on it assuming there is a theme.

Lastly, if there is something special you would like guests to bring, be sure to include that in the invitation. Some hostesses ask that guests bring baby pictures of the guest of honor, favorite memories, or some even request that everyone bring a package of diapers or a container of wipes.

Basically, the invitation needs to state when, where, what to bring, and where to RSVP. It's that simple!

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