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Baby Shower Menu Suggestions

What to serve, what to serve? Although the hostess puts much effort in determining what foods will be on the baby shower menu, we know that if there was a bowl of potato chips on the table, few would complain.

However, if you're one who thinks a bowl of chips is totally unacceptable, perhaps we can give you some suggestions that will make your baby shower the envy of all mommies.

For starters, you want to keep it buffet style. Most guests will be eating over their laps, so you'll need to keep it simple; simple to make and simple to eat. Sloppy joes or spaghetti might not be the best idea.

The time of day will help determine what to serve. If you schedule your shower at breakfast time you will obviously have breakfast foods: fruit, pigs in a blanket, orange juice (or mimosas), bagels or pastries.

Lunch showers will be a little lighter. You could serve a vegetable tray, antipasto or perhaps shrimp cocktail. Here is an idea...take a slice of bread and spread a thick layer of cream cheese on it. Then roll it and cut into slices. This treat and tasty, easy, and cute. Seven layer taco dip and tortilla chips are always a big hit as well.

Depending on when you will put the food out, you may want to have small finger bowls of nuts, pretzels or trail-mix strategically placed around the room.

Whether or not you serve cocktails is up to the mommy-to-be. Some guests feel uncomfortable about partaking when the guest of honor isn't. In other circles it doesn't matter. Have coffee, tea and lemonade available as well.

Keep in mind that there are no rules for baby showers. Most of us are so busy it's hard to take a few hours out to enjoy an afternoon with the girls. What food you serve really isn't that important. If you're not a cook, or don't feel you have time to cook then don't.

Pick up prepared items at the store. Put some prepackaged meatballs in the crock pot, toss some mini-tacos in the oven, and crack open a package of cookies.

If you are hosting a shower for your friend or relative, you probably already know some of her favorite foods. You may also know what foods or smells make her a little queasy. If you're not sure ask. Reinforce that it is her day – and she can have anything she wants to eat at the shower. She may surprise you with a response like watermelon and sauerkraut.

Most importantly, keep it simple. Don't stress. Just have fun.

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