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Baby Shower Thank You cards

Have you heard moms complain of "pregnancy brain" or "pregnesia"? Whether it's physiological or just a case of too much on the brain, many women will tell you that from shortly after learning they are pregnant until the time their children leave the nest, they can get a little forgetful. Others even call it "mommyheimers."

One area that will help out mom tremendously is setting her up with baby shower thank you cards. As mom is opening the gifts, someone should be making a list of the giver and the item given. This will make it so much easier when it comes time to write thank you cards.

Even better, supply mom with thank you cards, and pre-addressed stamped envelopes. When the guests arrive, hand them all an envelope and ask them to address it to themselves. That is not an unheard of practice. Remember, you're inviting family and friends; you don't have to be so formal. It's not like you're entertaining the Queen.

What about the actual thank you card? You can always pick up some cute ones from the store. That works just fine. It's the sentiment inside that is more important that the actual card. However, that doesn't always suit all people, does it?

Thanks to modern technology, a.k.a. digital camera and color printer, the possibilities are endless. You could have a group photo of all the guests, and then print that onto a thank you card. You could take a photo of each guest with the mommy-to-be. You could have a profile picture showing mom's beautiful belly. Or if you're really creative, maybe you can create a before and after side by side shot in one of the graphics programs.

Let's face it, there are many card recipients who simply read the inside text, say "ah, how sweet" and then throw the card away. Yes, it's true. Of course, there will be other guests who save everything anyone has ever sent them.

The point is making it simple for mom to get her thank you cards sent out. The memory of those closest to her celebrating the impending birth is far more important than what was on the front of the baby shower thank you card.

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