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Baby Shower Themes and Ideas

If you have a particular baby shower theme, it makes it very easy to decorate and to plan menu items. An adorable theme can make for the perfect baby shower.

Of course, the reason for the shower is the baby, but you can also decide to have a particular theme. Below are just a few examples:

Have a fall harvest theme. You could decorate in orange, brown and gold colors. Serve pumpkin pie, cider, spiced chai tea and apples. Make some soups and warm dips, and burn cinnamon candles. Having a fall theme is just another added dimension to the shower. It in no way distracts from the main focus of celebrating baby.

If it is summer time, perhaps you'd like to have a pool party theme. Suggest everyone bring their bathing suit and a towel. Host the shower outside. Serve lemonade and popsicles.

The seasons of the year offer wonderful ideas on themes. A spring theme could include lots of flowers. Favors could be a little package of bulbs. Stress the new birth that comes with spring and tie it in with the new birth of the baby.

You could do a "pamper-me" theme. Let everyone take their shoes off and dip their feet in the foot massager. Then rub peppermint lotion on your feet. This would be a fun get together all the while making mom and baby the focus. It will be enjoyable and memorable for the shower guests too.

What about a cookie exchange? Have all the guests bring 2 dozen cookies and swap them out. Chances are your guest of honor will have fun too. Of course, a baby shower is all about mom, but sometimes there are only so many baby festivities to do in one afternoon.

Does the new mommy love to travel? Why not host a shower with a round-the-world theme and have foods that represent many different ethnicities and travel destinations. Play a geography themed trivia game and perhaps you could put party favors in a suitscase.

What about a luau theme complete with grass skirts, leis and coconuts. Make your shower FUN. It doesn't have to be about tea and crumpets while sitting quietly in a chair. If your guest of honor was fun before she was pregnant, she'll still be fun. (Give her one last hoorah before baby settles her down.)
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