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Benefits and Advantages of Using Wool Diaper Products

Wool DiapersWool is an amazing protective fiber from sheep. Wool keeps sheep warm in very cold temperatures and has become very popular to use in clothing, furniture, fabrics, rugs, and diapering products. There are many benefits to using wool products, especially those that are 100% wool.

Some Benefits of Wool

Wool is very comfortable and it is the only fabric, or fiber, that can actually absorb up to 1/3 of its weight in moisture. Despite the fact that it is full of moisture, wool does not feel wet or clammy. The moisture immediately begins evaporating into the air! As a result, wool is considered a natural fiber and air conditioner in one!

Wool is an amazing insulator, which is why people use it in so many products despite the weather. When it is hot, wool can keep the body cool and the heat out. Yet, when it is cold, the wool keeps the body warm and the cold out. 100% wool really is beneficial at regulating body temperature, no matter the temperature outdoors.

Other benefits of wool include resilience, as well as easy care. Wool maintains it shape virtually forever, and it is very easy to clean, as long as you know some basic rules for cleaning wool.

Because of the many benefits of wool, you will find this natural fiber in many products worldwide, and in your own house as well, since items from clothes to rugs are made at least partially by wool if not 100% wool.

Examples of how wool is used in diapers:
  • AIO or AI2 diapers, also called WIOs or Wool-in-Ones
  • Knitted, crocheted, or sewn Diaper Covers - also called soakers, shorts, and longies
Examples of how wool is used in other "cloth" products:
  • Cloth Mama Pads with Wool backing
  • Nursing pads with wool backing

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