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Cloth Diaper Business Basics

Running a business is tough! Find information here about how to get started.

Tips, Tricks -n- Tidbits Mom-preneur Blog - A fun, informational blog with great, down-to-earth suggestions about how to start your own business. The author has worked in various positions starting businesses that market to mothers and children. She uses common sense to guide you into starting your own small business.

Natural Moms Business Guide - This amazing program gives you all the information, resources, and tutorials you could need to get your business off the ground. The program was developed by Carrie Lauth, a natural minded mama and successful business woman who has turned her passion for natural living into a an opportunity to stay home with her children. She addresses cloth diaper businesses at length. Check it out!

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Presenting Your Products - This product will show you:

How to create product photographs that will make your visitors want to buy -- in the comfort of your home office.

Why optimizing your photos will allow you to include larger, faster loading, more detailed depictions of your products.

Techniques to get rid of a cluttered background, even AFTER you've already taken the picture.

Don't settle for less than spectacular photos because you feel like you have to. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to take your photographs for you. (Unless you want to!) Presenting Your Products will show you how to capture your visitor's attention with great product photographs.

The Small Business Association: http://www.sba.gov. The SBA provides information on how to start a business, including covering all the legal aspects. They also offer several tutorials to help get you started.


Nolo: http://www.nolo.com. For over 30 years, Nolo has published the most reliable do-it-yourself legal and business tools available.  Find out how to start a business, register your business name, set up your company structure, set up a partnership, write a business plan, and buy or sell a business to name just a few things.


Internet Based Moms:http://www.internetbasedmoms.com/. This is a work at home moms Internet business advice & idea center. It has many free tolls including free e-books, tutorials and guides, and opportunities to network with successful WAHMs. 

Digital-Women: http://www.digital-women.com/. What is a Digital Woman? She is a woman who has a connection to the Internet, is tired of working for the corporate big guys or sitting at home with no money, may or may not know how to start a business of her own choosing, or wants to network with other women online who can help her to open or promote her OWN business on the internet so she can become financially independent through her own efforts! Is this YOU?  See if we have what you want in the over $2500 in benefits and features!

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