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Cloth Diaper Charity Links

Do your part to help outfit babies with cloth diapers or aid a charity by buying them! We have collected a series of links below to help you out.

Charitable Companies that accept Cloth Diaper Donations:

  • Miracle Diapers
    Offers cloth diapers to families that cannot afford them. Donations are appreciated. Miracle Diapers also hosts an annual cloth diaper drive awarding prizes to those who donate the most!
  • Families For Children
    111 Roseheath Ave., Toronto, Ont. M4C 3P6. This organization provides diapers for children overseas. Contact Pat Power at patpower@eastlink.ca
  • Teeny Greenies
    Teeny Greenies lends cloth diapers to anyone interested in trying cloth. Simply contact a local branch, currently found in Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Carolina, to obtain your "free trial".

Organizations That Auction Cloth Diapers for Charity: 

  • Fluff Factory
    A group of WAHMs that put together auctions (often including many cloth diapers) and donate proceeds to various charities.

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