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Cloth Diaper Supply Co-operatives

In order to keep the cost of cloth diapers reasonable, it is necessary to find all the required notions and fabric at the cheapest possible price. The best way to do this is to buy supplies wholesale, directly from the manufacturer. However, this is a problem for many small business WAHMs because wholesalers usually have large minimums to meet. They require you to buy in very large amounts that are beyond the reach of many WAHMs. This is where co-ops come into play. Quite simply, a co-op is a group of WAHMS that band together to buy wholesale supplies in order to reach large minimums and get the best possible price. Through a co-op it is possible to get a yard of fabric that retails in stores for $8.99 at a wholesale price of $2.99. This is a huge difference!

Brave WAHM women out there have courageously decided to spearhead these co-ops, opening up their home and giving up their time to organize the collection of hundreds or even thousands of dollars from many different WAHMs, so that everyone benefits from lower cost supplies. These women store hundreds of yards of fabric and every sewing notion imaginable in their home; dividing, cutting, packaging, and mailing to all their co-op members. Very often the only benefit they receive is low cost fabric for themselves and the appreciation of their co-op members. A co-op is also different from a pre-order group. In most cases, a pre-order group is a business and also buys supplies in bulk for highly discounted prices, but items are usually marked up so the group leader is making a profit. In a true co-op there is no profit for the co-op owner.

Below you will find a list of co-ops that have been utilized by The Diaper Jungle staff of moms and have won our seal of approval. Of course, there are many co-ops out there that are not on this list, and they may be very reputable as well, so use your best judgment. You can find more co-ops in our Directory. Don't forget to read our list of co-op ordering Hints and Tips.

ComfyCreations - Items purchased varies from month to month but generally this group co-ops supplies for cloth diapers and pajamas. Here you'll find co-ops for prefold diapers, PUL, cotton printed knits, ribknits, Jiffy grip, sherpa, velour, patterns and various notions.

Diaperfabricscoop - Items purchased varies from month to month but generally this group co-ops Malden Mills fleece, PUL, suedecloth, elastic, aplix, scissors, rotary cutters, mats and various other notions.

Sewingsupplycoop - When it comes to fabric, you can probably get it here. Common co-ops for fold over elastic, PUL, lastin, fleece, flannel, sherpa, velour, jerseys, interlocks, knits, wovens, snaps, thread, and various other notions.

TheJoyofSewing - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, Huntington Mills fleece, Denim and Jersey prints, terry, panne, ribknits, flannels, Chamoise, Burts Bees products, patterns, Dharma dyes, Jiffy grip, and various other notions.

ThreadandMore - Common co-ops are for Malden Mills fleece, 100% polyester thread, Burley Knit Terry, and various other notions and supplies.

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