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Cloth Diaper Testimonials

Why We LOVE Cloth Diapers!

** I decided to go with cloth diapers for lots of reasons. I thought it was a responsible choice for my baby's health and the environment, and the fact that it was cost effective was a real bonus. I think it's less of a mess than disposable diapers. When you use flushable liners your "mess" is gone - not hanging around waiting for garbage pickup. But the greatest testimonial I can give comes from my son. I thought I would keep disposables on hand for "emergencies", but from a very early age he quickly let me know he would have no part of that. As a tiny baby he would fuss when I tried to put one on him, later he would actually try to pull it out from under him. All this before he could talk! Cloth diapers are a little more work, but it's simple work and a labor of love. Your baby will thank you!**

** My own personal decision to use cloth actually came with my second child. With my first child I used disposables diapers, as most do, and thought nothing of it. When I became pregnant a second time, I joined a pregnancy discussion group online. On one post that I read when I was 8 or 9 months along, I saw a signature line that contained a link to a WAHM that sold her handcrafted cloth diapers. It was an "Ahaaa moment" for me. I had no idea how far cloth diapers had come. I was amazed. I had dismissed all previous thoughts about using cloth diapers with an exaggerated "Ewwww!" I didn't want to clean poopy diapers and I didn't want to use flat diapers that had to be folded in intricate patterns, and I didn't want to stick my baby with safety pins. But these diapers were fitted, they had velcro-like closures, and they were CUTE. I search far and wide for adorable clothing for my babies so how could I resist adorable diapers? I was like a child in a candy store. Of course, then I decided to research the other benefits I was very pleased to find in my research that cloth diapers were healthier for my baby, better for the future of our planet, and a frugal choice as well. - Tiffany in AZ **

** I started using cloth diapers because my daughter had a very bad recurrent rash with disposables. We tried all types of creams...prescription and over-the-counter...nothing worked and my daughter suffered for 6 months. FINALLY we decided to put her in a cloth diaper to ease her discomfort and we noticed an immediate difference. We bought a couple dozen more diapers and used them exclusively for 3 weeks and amazingly enough the rash disappeared! We will never go back to disposables. - Aubrey in TX **

** I use cloth diapers because I am fearful of the chemicals in disposables. We use organic cotton exclusively and we couldn't be happier with our decision. - Candace in CT **