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Cloth Diapers Cakes and Where to Buy

All About Cloth Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes have gotten very popular over the years as gifts given to welcome new babies into the world. MOST diaper cakes you see are made from disposable diapers, but as the popularity of cloth diapers has increased, we have seen more "cloth" diaper cakes. As big supporters of cloth diapers, The Diaper Jungle loves the ideas of using cloth diapers for diaper cakes. That is why we have decided to highlight a few cloth diaper cake "bakers" and showcase some of their masterpieces. Make sure to visit these creative wahms and consider making your next baby shower gift a cloth diaper cake!

DJ: Why did you decide to start making "cloth" diaper cakes?
PBN: I started making cloth diaper cakes because of the fact that I had seen disposable diapers cakes before. I thought, what better way to make cloth diapering into something "fun" than by making an impression at a baby shower with a cloth diaper cake centerpiece. I wanted to make something that was elegant and pretty and so I got to work creating my "design". 
PBN: I started making cloth diaper cakes because of the fact that I had seen disposable diapers cakes before. I thought, what better way to make cloth diapering into something "fun" than by making an impression at a baby shower with a cloth diaper cake centerpiece. I wanted to make something that was elegant and pretty and so I got to work creating my "design".
IDIG: First of all, I'm a huge advocate of cloth diapers and have used them exclusively on both my daughters. I also have the privilege of working for a "green general store" called Park & Vine in Cincinnati. Among other things, I do the cloth diaper ordering and teach a monthly cloth diaper class. When we got a request for a cloth diaper cake I figured I'd try making one. I jumped online for inspiration but didn't find much so I went ahead with my own simple yet elegant design and had so much fun with it that I was hooked!
DJ: What are some of the ingredients in your cloth diaper cakes?
PBN: I typically do them out of prefolds, so 24 infant or regular sized prefolds (or a mix) and then add a few things to the center such as 4-6 Bummis diaper covers, a Snappi and instructions for use. I have also made them from Kissaluvs fitted diapers and Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers. I try to make it complete with at least 12-24 diapers. Everything a new mom might need to get off on the right foot with cloth diapering.
DB: I have used Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heinys and Stacinator So Simple covers in my cakes and though I haven't done it yet, I could easily do one with Wonderoos and just about any other diaper cover that's available on the market. For the insert/diaper part of the cake, I've used prefolds, Mother of Eden microterry inserts and Wonderworks Wonderfulls. I tried to use Joey Bunz in a cake, but just couldn't get it to look right, at least not to my satisfaction so I don't use those for ingredients. I think the MOE inserts make the prettiest cakes with prefolds being my second choice. I have also used Happy Tushies wipe kits for the inner part of my cakes with the wipes being rolled up into candles and I really thought that added some pizzazz to the cake.
IDIG: The basic components are unbleached prefold and flat diapers and beautifully dyed handmade wipes. I have a custom option though, and am happy to include any type of cloth diapers and accessories in my creations. I will be continuing to expand and develop my offerings to include cakes and diaper gift bouquets that also contain diaper covers, pockets, AIOs, fitteds, wet bags, snappis, wooden toys and whatever else strikes me as being helpful to new naturally-minded parents.
DJ: Why would you recommend a cloth diaper cake as a baby gift?
PBN: Diapers of any kind are actually the number one item most parents say they want and need for their new baby. Every baby needs diapers, and it helps new parents out tremendously when part of this purchase is made for them. Cloth diapers, in particular, can be expensive to buy up front, even though they can be less money than disposables over time. This initial investment may make it difficult for a new parent to get started with cloth, even though they might like to. A cloth diaper cake is a great way to help them get started.
DB: Because they are so incredibly cute and make a fabulous centerpiece for a baby shower or blessingway! I also have customers who get them for their baby's first birthday party and have gotten mediums or larges for those cakes instead of smalls that are usually requested for baby showers. They are always the hit of the party with lots of Ooooos and Ahhhhhs. If you are a cloth enthusiast, they are a great way to share cloth with your friends and maybe convert a few! Then after the party, you have awesome diapers that will take care of your diapering needs for years to come.
IDIG: The main reason - because I wish I had received one myself! When I became pregnant with my first daughter, most people were skeptical of my decision to cloth diaper and told me I'd be giving up after a few weeks. Only one friend out of five baby showers bought me some of the prefolds I wanted. It would have been so helpful and awesome to receive a cloth diaper cake that affirmed and supported me in my choice. A beautiful cloth diaper cake can bring a lot of smiles to a baby celebration as well as positive attention to cloth diapering in general.
DJ: What has the public response been to your cakes?
PBN: I've had a great response from them. When present at baby showers they are a real conversation piece! Most of the moms that have had them say how they have helped to make other moms think about cloth as an option.
DB: I have gotten so many positive responses! Everyone wants one, but not everyone is having a baby anytime soon and not everyone can afford the more expensive cakes. So, for that reason I now only take custom orders. If a mama wants all the bells and whistles and has the wherewithal to buy her own or family and friends to chip in for her registry, then she can get the works. If a mama has a tighter budget or if she simply prefers prefolds and covers, then she can get exactly what she wants too and the end result is just as pretty and the more expensive cakes. Also, regardless of budgetary needs, mamas can order the exact sizes and colors of the diapers they want instead of just settling on whatever I've decided to put in a cake. We also then have the benefit of her being able to select any theme she likes for her cake. Like one customer who was decorating her nursery with a dragon theme. She told me she wanted a dragon themed cake and what colors to use on it and that cake is my favorite by far!
IDIG: I actually can't imagine a better response. Most people say things like: "GORGEOUS," "beautiful," and "I've never seen anything like that - those are really cute!" The following feedback was left by my first customer on Etsy: "My sister SOOOO loved the diaper cake, she was crying she was so happy! She said it was so beautiful she didn't want to take it apart. It was great! Thank you sooooooo much. You made it possible for me send my love and excitement to my sister who is so far away. Thank you."
DJ: Tell us a little about your store where these diaper cakes can be purchased
PBN: I own an online baby boutique located in Canada that specializes in natural parenting products such as cloth diapers, baby carriers, nursing products and natural soaps for baby. I love to promote the art of cloth diapering and the joy of baby wearing. They really are a passion of mine. I get to do all this from home with my beautiful daughter by my side. It really is my dream come true.
DB: I run a little store called Doodlebuckets that my husband, Jeff, and I started 4 years ago when my son Jeffrey was born. I carry cloth diapers mostly, but also other products that I personally use and love, from nursing bras and herbal remedies to vitamin supplements. I love my customers and love to hear from them. My store is more than just a place to buy, I also want it to be a place for people to have their needs met. I have started a chat group and message board in order to support other mamas and a blog that I hope to use to encourage others.
IDIG: My cakes are currently available on Etsy.com, a large online community of small independent shops where members can buy and sell handmade and vintage goods. I also plan to open up a Hyena Cart shop soon. Hyenacart.com is another collection of online shops but with an earth friendly focus. Although much smaller than Etsy, it has a higher concentration of cloth diapering supplies. My cakes can also be seen on display at Park & Vine in Cincinnati and at Mama's Hip in Louisville.
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