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Diaper Jungle - is one of the most comprehensive resources for cloth diapering, baby gear and natural living families. There are so many reasons why families are switching back to more natural products and cloth diapers. Families now are looking for organic, healthier and more natural alternative to chemically infused products like disposible diapers. In the Knowledge Center you will find a huge amount of information on organic alternatives, natural living and ecofriendly products to help you in your everyday life! For all the hands on DIY'ers, we have plenty of tips and tricks to keep you busy.

  • Our Detergent Chart is also another great resource. You can also order several of our favorite detergents and accessories from our own Store
  • We also have a great forum (coming soon) that actively discusses cloth diapering issues and choices, as well as other parenting topics of our members' interest. Check it out!
  • Our Sewing Resource page is a great place for those who are interested in making their own cloth diapers. There are links to free patterns as well as hints that will help you determine which fabrics and styles are best suited for your child and family.

If have any questions, comments or suggestions we love to hear them. Any ideas about the website, future articles, forum, products regarding diaperjungle.com? Please feel free to send us an email: info@diaperjungle.com. Have fun browsing our Knowledge Center and enjoy our website!


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