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Sewing Your Own Cloth Diapers - Resources

Sewing cloth diapers can be fun and rewarding!  Here are some cloth diaper sewing resources for more information on sewing your own cloth diapers. We include several links to free patterns and instructions. You may also find our cloth diaper fabrics page helpful in determining what fabric will work best for your home-made diapers.

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns
One Size Fits all Cloth Diaper/Nappy pattern with snaps
Cloth Diaper Patterns & Supplies for Purchase
Wool Soaker Pattern for Purchase
Cloth Diaper Sewing Instructions
Sewing supplies




Free Cloth Diaper Patterns
Make Your Own Prefolds - Its really simple and quick.
Make Your Own Fitted Diapers - Awesome free pattern.
Ottobre Diaper Pattern  - A pdf file with the Ottobre pattern.
Free Pocket Diaper Pattern - Great step-by-step instructions with pictures.
Preemie Pattern & Training Pants Pattern  -  Free patterns from Grace of Goodness Gracious.
Swim Diaper Pattern - Pattern can be used to make covers as well.
Baby Bum Sweaters - Make your own soakers "just like Grandma used to make!" Practical, economical and a pleasant alternative to plastic covers. Wool soakers draw moisture away . . . help prevent diaper rashes . . . remain dry outside.
Making Diapers from Recycled Materials - Ideas, patterns and budgeting!
 Hand-knit Diaper Soaker Pattern - An earlier version of the soaker pattern sold by Fern and Faerie.                          
Comfy T-shaped Diaper Pattern

Other Baby and Related Patterns
Full baby layette including soaker
Knitted Diaper Liner
Wool soakers and nursing pads

Cloth Diaper Patterns & Supplies for Purchase
Kayla's Cloth Kits - diapers, nursing pads and Mama pads
Pollywog all-in-one diaper pattern
Chloe Toes Diaper Pattern
Custom Clothing Labels - Custom Made Woven Clothing Labels, Hang Tags and Adhesive labels all at affordable prices!
Diapercuts - Inner & outer diaper fabrics, hemp & soaker fabrics, flannel, diaper fasteners, custom woven labels and MORE!

Wool Soaker Patterns for Purchase
Nearseanaturals crocheted soaker pattern
Little Turtle Knits Patterns
Wooly Wonder -  Free forums, $10 patterns, on-line classes, and more...

Cloth Diaper Sewing Instructions
Pocket Diaper Instructions
Homemade pillowcase style pocket diapers
Trimming Your Prefolds
Make Your Own Cloth Diaper Wipes
DiaperSewing.com - Yes, you can sew your own cloth diapers and covers. All you need is a sewing machine and a little creativity.  
Getting Started with Embroidery
Turn prefolds into fitteds