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Used Cloth Diaper Resale and Consignment Tips

Used Cloth Diaper Resale Tips

Used cloth diapers seem to be a growing market. In fact, you can find hundreds of listings for used diapers on the DiaperSwappers. This is great news for cloth diaper users because it means you can recoup some of the money you invested in diapers. Can disposable diaper users claim that?

Below we have interviewed April Dawn of That Fat Baby, a leading cloth diaper consignment store. She gives us some insight into the world of cloth diaper resales and consignment, and gives some diaper resale tips.


DJ: Is there a viable market for "used" cloth diapers? If so, why?

TFB: Definitely! Many mothers new to cloth diapering worry about buying a "stash" of brand new diapers only to find many don't work for their child. It's more economical to buy a variety of used diapers to find what works best with their child.

DJ: What types of diapers have the best resale value?

TFB: Fuzzi Bunz, Happy Heiny's and Bumkins are always good sellers. Others guaranteed to sell quickly are SOS's from Christensen Creations, Drybees, Granny's Ark and Kissaluvs. Finally, whatever is "hyena" at the time.

DJ: Are there times during the year when sales peak or fall short?

TFB: About the end of summer moms are buying more school supplies than diapers. It picks up a little after school starts but then Christmas shopping starts and it's relatively slow until tax season.

DJ: Any ideas on how to make sure that cloth diapers stay in good enough shape to be resold after use?

TFB: Never use bleach! Wash fairly often so they don't mildew. Close all aplix, velcro and touchtape tabs so they don't stick to other diapers in the wash. But...the best way to keep them in good condition...have a LARGE stash. The more you have, the less they will receive wear and tear from baby and the washing machine!

DJ: Do you have any hints or tips for selling used cloth diapers?

TFB: Pictures, pictures, pictures! It's hard to sell items when the buyer can't view the product. Also, avoid listing your diapers for what they cost new. Even if you think they are super cute, they are still used diapers. And, when possible, include shipping in the listed price so customers know their total upfront.

DJ: Why might someone consider consigning their used diapers, perhaps at That Fat Baby, instead of taking another route like ebay?

TFB: Consigning saves the seller so much time and headache. When you choose to consign, the consignment store does the work. All the picture taking, cleaning the diapers, describing the diapers, uploading to a website, answering emails, dealing with "tough" customers, keeping track of inventory, advertising and mailing the packages are just a few of the things with which a seller would have to deal. One transaction can last weeks. When you consign, you simply hand your items over to someone else, then sit back and wait for the money to come in.