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What Cloth Type is Best for You?

There are numerous types and styles of cloth diapers out there. Sometimes it is hard to know what will work best for you and your child. We decided to interview a large number of cloth diapering moms and get their opinions on why they chose the diapering system did and what makes it the best. We have compiled the results below. We hope you find it helpful!

AllisonAllison Loves AIOs (All-in-Ones)

I love AIOs because they are super convenient. I have a lot going on in my life and I need a diaper that comes in one piece with no covers or inserts required. AIOs fit nicely inside my diaper bag and daycare loves them too. I also love adorable prints and AIOs come in a variety of hot colors and prints so my child has the most stylish diaper out there. AIOs are the cloth diapers that most closely resemble disposable diapers for ease of use. I couldn't live without my AIOs.

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WandaWanda Loves Wool

I opted to use a mix of fitted and prefolds with my baby. For diaper covers I decided to use wool and now it is the only thing I will use. It is a natural fiber which I love and it also keeps my baby drier then any other material I have tried. Since I live in a very cold area of the world I have lots of wool longies to keep those sweet baby legs warm. Wool does require some special care but it retains its shape and lush appearance even after repeated washings. You can't beat wool!

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FranFran Loves Fitteds

I tried other diapers but I always come back to fitteds and covers. Other diapers leaked but fitteds and covers did not. I stay ay home with my children so having a multiple piece diapering system is not an issue for me. I have about 24 different fitted diapers and about 10 different covers so I can mix and match. Since I can reuse the covers multiple times before washing I have opted to get a few cute appliquéd covers. the fitted diapers just get covered so I don't much care what they look like or if they get stained. Fitteds and covers are the best diapers for my family.

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AnnieAnnie Loves AI2s I choose AI2s for my children. I like the convenience of an AIO but I find it easier to launder AI2s because the components separate. This eliminates detergent build-up. They also dry in lightning fast time. My favorite insert for my AI2s is a simple trifold soaker and for extra absorbency I stick a doubler inside of it. Because it is hidden it won't bunch up. All in all AI2s just "fit" better in our household.

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OpalOpal Loves Organics I like natural fibers only for my family so I choose organic diapers. I like knowing that the cotton, hemp, or bamboo diapers my baby is wearing do not have pesticide or other chemical residues. I have also heard that synthetic diaper materials like microfleece and polyester can cause skin irritation so that is just another reason to go all natural. Choosing organic is also better for our planet and therefore better for us all. PamPam Loves Pockets I absolutely love pocket diapers! They are super convenient for me because I can vary the absorbency capabilities simply by mixing up the inserts I use. When my baby was little I used prefolds and now use those same prefolds that he has outgrown to stuff inside pocket diapers. At night, when extra absorbency is needed I use hemp or microfiber inserts. I also like the fact that the absorbent material detaches from the diaper at washing time, making washing them a breeze.

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PennyPenny Loves Prefolds I like prefold diapers. These are the most basic diapers out there and while some may think they are archaic in this age of designer diapers, I like their simplicity. I simply fold the diaper over the baby and either use diaper pins or a snappi and put a diaper cover on. Once you get the hang of folding it is really easy to do and nothing is easier then washing prefolds. They are very economical. I can easily diaper my child from birth to age three with only $350.00 or less. You can't beat that!

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OliviaOlivia Loves One Size Diapers I have two children in diapers so I need a diaper that is versatile enough to be used on both of them despite the fact that they are very different in size. One size diapers are the answer I was looking for! One size diapers have saved me a lot of time and money and when I reach for a diaper I know it will fit either one of my children. How much easier can it be?