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Episencial Active Repair Eczema Cream (2 oz)


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Episencial Active Repair Eczema Cream 

Eczema relief

Episencial Active Repair Eczema Cream

Bring comforting relief to dry, irritated, inflamed, cracked, or eczema-prone skin without the use of steroid creams. Active Repair uses 95% organic ingredients like healing calendula, zinc and ceramides to soothe, protect and moisturize severely bothered skin. Formulated to create a barrier and promote fast healing, this luxurious cream ointment will help reduce itching and irritation, and improve quality of life with the first use. Moms and dads can be confident that this gentle yet effective formula will safely and effectively protect and repair your little guy or gal's skin.

Ages: for all ages, 0 - 150 years Uses: nourishing, skin barrier protectant for eczema, severely dry or cracked skin Benefits: help actively repair cracked, itching and oozing skin associated with rashes, eczema, poison ivy, oak, and insect bites

Safety: OTC grade ointment made with solar power in a pharmaceutical grade lab Smells Like: refreshing and cool, medicinal- like tea tree, familiar

Feels Like: relief, like sitting under a tree on a blazing summer day

Ingredients: calendula, ceramides, coconut oil, tea tree & zinc Directions: Apply liberally and frequently to affected areas. Use in place of Aquaphor, Vaseline and other petroleum and colloidal oatmeal containing products.

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