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First Grandchild Keepsake Frame w/ Poem


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A special child for your family!

8x10 framed print with sentiment and space for 5x7 photograph.

Partial Poem reads: You will always be the ONE, who took my heart by surprise. Loving so completely, you are perfection in my eyes. Dreams of you and me, would fill me with delight. But nothing could compare, to the first time I held you tight. Overwhelming love, greater than I knew. Wrapped in pride and joy, and all the riches of you. You will be shamelessly spoiled, with my affections and time. Photographs and phone calls, lullabies and nursery rhymes. You will make me smile, and boast of all you do. I will play again, and feel the joy in life with you. You will always be the FIRST, a true blessing from above. You will always be the grandbaby, who filled HEARTS and souls with love.©
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