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Mother-Ease One-Size Fitted Diaper


Vendor: Mother Ease | SKU: 627983000010
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Great natural one-size diapering option!

Mother-Ease One Size Cloth Diapers

Fit from newborn to toilet training!  This amazing terry cloth diaper actually grows with your child!  Soft rib-knit binding covers the elastic at waist and leg openings. The strategically placed snaps are easily manipulated to accommodate your baby's growing needs, and are reinforced to ensure that they never pull out of the cloth diaper. Our lightly brushed terry provides your baby with a wonderful, comfortable and beautifully-fitting garment.

How Does It Work? The One Size fitted cloth diaper system from Mother-ease is a two step diaper system that includes a cloth diaper and a separate cover. One Size Cloth diapers are adjustable from 8-35 lbs. and the covers are available in different sizes based on the weight of your child. The great news is that you only need 4 Mother-ease covers for full time diapering since the cover can be reused 3 or 4 times before being changed. Other diaper systems such as Pockets or All in Ones have a cover attached to each diaper, which can significantly increases their cost.  Another benefit from buying Mother-ease is that you get a leak free, durable diapering system with years of proven performance.  Available in unbleached, organic or bamboo fabrics.  Please choose option from drop-down menu.

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