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Play Baby Play Giant Toy Gift Basket


Vendor: Baby Gift Idea | SKU: BGIVAL
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Babies are encouraged to play and we offer the toys they want to play with.

We welcome little tykes with our realistic-looking 12" tall giraffe. The Bearington Baby Collection of a soft plush bunny rattle. Charming set of soft first blocks features bright colors, a variety of fabric textures, and jingling bells to stimulate. Our Mary Meyer Taggie Blanket is 13.5" square with a delightful applique and 19 Taggies ribbons. Russ Berrie 4" plush lion and monkey for play! Stacking cups of assorted nesting sizes. Stephan Baby 3" beige bear sitting atop Kid's Preferred Fun and Functional Animal Cloth Book. Safe and oh so much fun with this interactive book. Classic Primary colored key ring rattle. The Amazing Baby teether rattle has traveled the world sharing its colors and sounds.

All of these toys will entertain, stimulate and delight your baby and toddlers all day long! Our giant white wicker basket is filled and overflowing!
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