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Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent - 2 pack


Vendor: Rock Green | SKU: 175671
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Dye Free,no fillers, no enzymes, phosphate free, recyclable packaging, HE compatible, gluten free, Bigodegradable ingredients, SLS and paraben free


Rockin Green Diaper Detergent

Are you sick and tired of battling with stinky diapers? Then Rockin' Green should be on your cloth diaper playlist!  It comes in three rockin' formulas and tons of sweet fragrances, which is music to anyones ears.

  • Hard Rock 2.0: This hard water formula is perfect for those that struggle with diaper laundry! Hard Rock 2.0 will blow you away!
  • Classic Rock: This is the sound that started it all. Our original formula is great for diapers and regular clothes. So use it on everything! This formula is designed for those with middle of the road water, not too soft and not too hard. When in doubt start with classic rock! This bag will do at least 45 loads, though some may find it does even more!
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