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SmartFresh Diaper Sprayer

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THE BEST DIAPER SPRAYER IN THE MARKET. Made from stainless steel this sprayer will last for years. The adjustable pressure spray head is perfect to cleanup any mess without over-spray. Comes with a Brass Shut Off T Valve Adapter, Metal Sprayer Hose, and High Quality Hook Holder to securely attach your Diaper Sprayer to your toilet. You can feel the quality when you pick it up in your hand. 

  • An adjustable spray with high force and low stream settings to precisely clean diapers while avoiding excess spillage and leaks
  • Increased peace of mind as diaper cleaning becomes noticeably faster, easier, less stressful and less frustrating.
  • Straightforward solution that can clean even the dirtiest diapers with ease
  • Includes a sprayer head, metal sprayer hose, T-valve adapter and hook holder for instant use in almost any environment.
  • Extended functionality as a potty seat cleaner, shower sprayer, diaper cleaner and more.
  • Simple install process means you can be up and running in ten minutes with no expert assistance required, literally just plug and play.

This bathroom sprayer has everything you'll need for multiple children & hundreds of soiled diapers. It can also double as a hand held bidet sprayer, potty seat cleaner, toilet sprayer for cleaning, or tub/shower sprayer cleaner.

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